Job driving around promoting beer? It's a scam

Diane Wilson Image
Thursday, July 12, 2018
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Get paid to wrap car in beer ads? It's a scam.

Getting paid to promote beer simply by putting a wrap on your car may sound great. But if you get an email about this, remember, it's a scam.

Charles Lakey is one person who got that email.

"If I wanted to make $400 a week to put stickers on my car for Budweiser, to advertise for Budweiser, I would get paid to ride around with stickers on my car for six weeks," Charles said.

The email states it's a "Paid to Drive" job and you earn cash by allowing Budweiser to put what's known as a vinyl car wrap on your vehicle.

Charles thought, "This is a pretty good deal, Budweiser is a big company. Why not?"

He responded to the email and was sent a check for $1,900. Charles was instructed to cash the check, keep $400 for his pay for the week, $50 for gas for driving around and then send the rest back to the company.

"I would have fallen for this, but when they said to draw the funds out and send the rest back, that had red flags all over it," Charles said.

Charles is right, as this is a scam and Budweiser has nothing to do with this job offer. It's just scammers trying to use the company's good name to catch people off guard.

This scam is not unique to one company, I've heard from viewers who have received job-scam offers similar to this, but they appear to be from other beverage companies.

The biggest red flag in this type of scam is when someone sends you a check for more than the amount owed, and they want you to cash it and send the remaining of the money back, that is a sure sign it's a scam.