Money Saver: Searching for the best prices in the Triangle on a dozen roses

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- ABC11 is helping you stretch your dollar in time for Valentine's Day searching several stores in the Triangle to compare prices on a dozen roses.

The pandemic has led to challenges in the floral industry and a shortage of roses.

Florists say the labor shortage, transportation issues, and poor weather growing conditions in major farming areas for roses have disrupted the supply chain and increased demand for Valentine's Day is only adding to the increased prices.

After searching a few stores in central North Carolina here's the prices ABC11 found for a dozen roses:
  • Food Lion: 14.99
  • Lidl: 8.99
  • Publix: 15.99 (long stem)
  • Walmart: 9.87
  • Wegmans: 12.00 (multicolored) 35.00 (red)
  • Harris Teeter: 31.99 (includes VIC card discount)
  • Whole Foods: 17.99 (Prime Members special Feb. 9 - 15 double dozen 19.99)

After shopping around, ABC11 found Lidl with the lowest price on a dozen followed by Walmart.
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