Get your money back on track with this 5-day challenge

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
A 5-day call to get your money straight
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This 5-day money challenge could help you acheive financial freedom.

What if you could get your money on track in just five days? The path to financial freedom starts simple, according to financial expert Alex Sutherland of Lifeplan Group.

Day 1: Budget

  • Look through your finances. Determine what your spending habits are.
  • Examine your debt.
  • If you owe any entity money (student loans, credit card company, mortgage, etc.), make sure you know interest rates and due dates to avoid unnecessary fees.
  • Examine bills (utilities, cell phone, grocery, etc.)
  • Compare debt with your bills. If you're spending more than is coming in, it's time to look at what you can cut

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Day 2: Look for ways to save

  • Limit spending
  • Consider a day with no spending. Look for free community events, visit a local park, make dinner at home.
  • Examine extra costs
  • If you're paying for it, but aren't using it, cancel.

Day 3: Start an emergency fund

  • Create a fund in for emergencies. If your car breaks down or you need a home repair, this avoids accruing more debt.

Day 4: Save for the future

  • Review your retirement accounts.
  • If saving 10-15% of your paycheck isn't feasible, start with as little as 1%.
  • Check with your human resource department- does your employer match contributions? Can you automatically increase contributions?

Day 5: Keep going

  • Use this day to review all of the information gathered in the week.
  • Expect some failures, but strive for financial goals