Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project encourages sustainable living in their neighborhood

CHICAGO -- The longer the COVID-19 pandemic lasts, the more mask and gloves we see on the streets. So one community-based group in Chicago is doing something about it.

"We're a neighborhood organization really trying to green the community and make life more sustainable," said Renee Patten, a member of the Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project. "We want to be better stewards of the earth."

At least once a month, members of the project go out on their blocks and pick up the litter they see-- whether it be plastic bags, straws, face masks or gloves.

"The gloves especially, the fear of that is that they'll get in waterways, the lake, our rivers and do a lot of damage to wildlife. Whenever I see gloves on the ground it just breaks my heart," Patten said.

"Our organization has declared a climate emergency," Nine Newhouser added. "We are living in tough times and it's really beneficial to get together to try a make a difference, as little as we can."

The project's goal is to beautify their neighborhood, as well as encourage sustainable living.

"It's not about making people feel guilty, it's about collective action and seeing what we can do with everyone doing what they can," George Tully said.