Professor Pizza uses history to create unique pies for its 'students' in Wrigleyville

CHICAGO -- It's not an accredited college but a restaurant in the Windy City is giving its customers a master class in local and global pizza history.

Professor Pizza is a pop-up concept in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood where its founder, Chef Tony Scardino, is using his pizza expertise to educate the masses.

"We don't necessarily have customers in the traditional sense. We look and refer to them as students or alma mater," Scardino said.

Professor Pizza offers a unique pie inspired by Scardino's Sicilian roots called grandma-style. The square-shaped pizza differs greatly from Chicago's tavern-style, deep dish, and stuffed varieties.

"It has a shallow deep-fried texture to it due to the oil it sits in as it bakes within this black steel pan," Scardino said. "The sauce is rustic, sweet, and garlicky."

The grandma-style comes in 3 varieties: sausage, pepperoni, and margarita. Adventurous 'students' can also order a weekly special called the 'Extra Credit.' Professor Pizza is available for pickup at Wrigleyville's Full Shilling Public House on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 am to 8 pm.

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