'None of the kids are OK:' Wilson mother demands answers after toddler drowns in backyard pool

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Friday, August 26, 2022
Wilson mom wants answers after toddler drowns in pool
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Two-year-old Andres Zamora and his two siblings were in the care of a babysitter when he drowned in a Wilson County swimming pool.

WILSON, N.C. (WTVD) -- Hand over head, Brandy Parker stood outside Papa Jack's Grill in Wilson County on Friday, tearfully remembering the day she lost her 2-year-old son, Andres Zamora.

Andres and his two siblings, ages 1 and 10, were in the care of a babysitter in the 7400 block of St. Mary's Church Road when he drowned Tuesday. Parker said they were with the babysitter for two hours before she got the phone call at work.

"We get there, I get in the house ... I'm freaking out because I see my son," Parker said. "What happened? She says, "I'm sorry, he was in there for 20 minutes."

Parker said her 10-year-old was the one that found Andres dead.

"I dropped to my knees," Parker said. "When I touched him, his body was limp, and I panicked. I started having anxiety attacks ... I see my oldest, she's screaming. I grab her, followed the ambulance outside, paramedics come out, the ambulance told me they're doing everything they can, but he's not breathing."

Andres Zamora
Courtesy of the family

The Wilson County Sheriff's Office said several deputies performed CPR on the toddler until EMS arrived.

"It's just a sad and emotional situation for everyone involved," Chief of Staff Wanda Samuel said. "Our hearts and prayers go out to the family, and we will continue to provide answers for the family."

The babysitter has not been officially identified citing the ongoing investigation, but Parker knows the babysitter, who she said cannot be reached as of Friday.

"I want her charged," Parker said. "She took my baby from me. That was my son."

Tuesday's trauma was still painful to explain for not only Parker but for the 10-year-old sibling who found Andres.

"She's a rollercoaster," Parker said, adding that none of her children "are OK."

"She wakes up every day looking for him, she's calling him," Parker said about the 1-year-old she was holding in her arms on Friday.

Parker said the funeral plans are on hold until they get the autopsy report.

"He was full of life, always smiling, jumping, playing," Parker said. "If you ever had him in your sight, you always heard him. Even if he went around, you heard him. What were you doing that was so much more important? What was so important that you didn't notice my wild, loud, 2-year-old son?"