Apex mom couldn't find wrapping paper with Santa who looked like her son, so she made her own

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019
'Clarence Claus' creates alternative for Christmas wrapping paper
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Jacquelyn decided to make her own wrapping paper and Clarence Claus was born.

APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- It's that time of year. You've done all of your Christmas shopping and now it's time to pick the best wrapping paper. Well, one family said they weren't exactly happy with their choices so they decided to make their own.

In the Rodgers' home, Clarence Claus is a part of their holiday tradition.

"It's important for children to see images that look like them and there could be a Santa for everyone," said Jacquelyn Rodgers.

After having their first son, Jacquelyn and her husband Shaun were searching for the perfect Christmas wrapping paper but Jacquelyn said she just became frustrated.

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"I was looking for a wrapping paper with an African American Santa Claus on it. I couldn't find any anywhere," Jacquelyn said.

So Jacquelyn decided to make her own and Clarence Claus was born.

"We've got the six rolls of the paper. The first year we just had the two and then we expanded to the new collection which has got the red, the black and the 'Don't open until Christmas,'" Jacquelyn said.

Now, three years later and you can buy it too. Clarence Claus wrapping paper has been shipped to all 50 states and beyond. You can even buy shirts, socks and other apparel too.

"She was determined. And I think it speaks to just a mother's determination when there's something they feel like they need for their child," said Shaun Rodgers.

This will be a new Christmas tradition for families just like the Rodgers'.

Now, Clarence Claus is coming to town this year.

If you're looking to buy some of the Clarence Claus wrapping paper, click here to visit their website.

NOTE: This story was originally published on Dec. 5, 2018.