Tips to for working outside in cold temperatures

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- We are again headed into some of our coldest air of the season.

Working in the cold can be uncomfortable, but it can also become dangerous.

So if you have to be outside, here are a few things to remember while Old Man Winter pays a visit.

1. Drink lots of water: The colder the air is, the less moisture it has in it. And that dry, cold air can suck the moisture right out of our bodies. Why do you think Chap-stick sells so well in the wintertime?

That cold and dry air is robbing the water right out of your lips. So up your fluid intake.

Dehydration can cause headaches, nausea, even loss of concentration. You definitely don't want to lose focus if you're running a backhoe!

2. Take a break: Just like when you have break times during your workday (hopefully), your body needs to get a break from the cold when you can.

Try to plan to warming times throughout your day. And while you're warming up, drink some water.

3. Keep dry: Wet clothes help to lower your body temperature. Even if you don't get wet from the environment, you can sweat through your clothes if you're working hard.

Keep at least one set of clothes you can change into. And wear materials that can draw the moisture away from your skin and help to keep the layer closest to you dry.

4. Dress in layers : It will keep the cold out with several layers of warmth, but it will also allow you to adjust as the day moves along.

As the sun climbs through the sky and temps start to go up, you can remove layers. That will keep you from sweating and soaking through your clothes.

5. Keep a safety kit in your vehicle - You should always be prepared for a breakdown in the winter, regardless of how old your car is. Have a kit in the trunk, ready to go.

What goes in it? Extra blankets and extra clothes. A candle and a jar to hold it. Matches -- lighters may not work. Sand or kitty litter for vehicle traction. A snow brush or scraper. Extra water and food are always good too, depending on how far you have to travel.

Just because cold weather arrives, that doesn't mean we all get a day off of work, yours truly included. But when it does, we can be ready!
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