Durham woman reunited with wedding dress after accidental donation

Saturday, March 25, 2017
Reunited with mistakenly donated wedding dress
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Natalie Gelbert was reunited with her missing dress on Friday

DURHAM, North Carolina (WTVD) -- The search for a mistakenly donated wedding dress is over.

The Goodwill Community Foundation said Friday it found Natalie Gelbert's ivory wedding gown. Officials with GCF said that after more probing of when Gelbert's husband accidentally donated the dress, staff was able to locate the item in the donation area of the warehouse--not on the sales floor.

"I'm so glad I'm getting my dress back!" Gelbert told ABC11.


Gelbert's story went viral on social media across the country and overseas this week.

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Natalie Gelbert said her husband accidentally donated her wedding dress to Goodwill
Credit: Natalie Gelbert

Her story touched two women in particular, who contacted Gelbert and offered to give their own wedding dress to whoever bought Gelbert's. But the good news is the $1,000 dress was never sold.

"We are thrilled to reunite Natalie with her wedding dress," GCF said in a statement. "We have extensive inventory and are grateful we could find the dress. It is always our policy to return any items donated by mistake."

Prayers were answered for the thousands of people who hoped and prayed Gelbert would be reunited with her fairytale wedding gown.

Friday she will visit GCF to bring it home where it belongs.

It's a happy ending for Gelbert family, who recently discovered they are expecting their first child together.

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