Snake slithers into washing machine, smells 'like Downy' after going through cycle

EVANSTON, Ill. -- A 12-year-old boy and his beloved snake have been reunited after it escaped from its home and slithered into a washing machine a few houses down.

Sanela Kamencic told WMAQ-TV she was "totally creeped out" when she found Penelope--a neighbor's pet corn snake--in her washing machine.

Somehow, Penelope survived a spin in the wash cycle and came out smelling like Downy.

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After her wild ride, Police Officer Pedro Carrasco and Animal Control Warden Jason Pound, who were called to the house to help, took the snake to Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital for a checkup. Pound said the snake "smelled like Downy" after surviving the wash cycle.

Hospital staff confirmed to ABC11 that the snake was alright and was returned to her owner.

"It was cranky, smelled like detergent, but is perfectly fine."

The hospital posted about the incident to its Facebook page saying, "We always love a happy ending. Snake and young man were reunited."

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