'I love it': Fans enjoy live music, food on final day of Dreamville Festival in Raleigh

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Monday, April 3, 2023
Fans enjoy live music, food on final day of Dreamville Festival
Fans enjoy live music, food on final day of Dreamville Festival

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Dreamville Festival is closing out Sunday at Dix Park in Raleigh.

Concertgoers tell ABC11 they have a lot of love for J. Cole for bringing Dreamville to the city.

"That was my favorite artist back when I was like 15, 16," said Bryan Tillery. "I grew up with him. Learned everything he had. That's why I like him."

Local vendors are also praising Cole for hosting the festival, saying it's bringing them tons of business. Keijuane Hester of Favor Desserts Bakery says attendees are showing him lots of support by devouring his homemade red velvet and carrot cakes.

"Just to be on this platform, this is a major platform. This is the best festival ever on the East Coast. So why wouldn't I be a part of it?" Hester said.

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The artist lineup has been extensive. On Sunday, major artists like Summer Walker, Waka Flocka, J.I.D. and Burna Boy have been here to sway the crowd. But hands down, Drake and J. Cole are the ones fans are most excited to see.

"I love J. Cole. But Drake. That's what sold it for me," Teddy Alpentezou.

"We want to express our love for Dreamville, for Jermaine Cole, and we love everything about it," said Matthew James.

Fans said the festival is building community.

"(T)he family's growing. It's becoming way more like a tradition for us so it's great. I love it," said Shawn Henderson. "This is our event. We come together. We hang out and just enjoy life."

Saturday, singer Usher visited He's Not Here, an outdoor bar in Chapel Hill, before his performance on stage at the festival.

Songwriter-producer Johnta Austin posted a photo of himself and Usher at the bar located on Franklin Street on Instagram.

Usher began his performance with an April Fools' day prank on the crowd.

"I have a surprise for you tonight ladies and gentleman," he said. "Ladies and gentleman. Without further ado. Put your hands together for the one. The only. Beyoncé."

Fans erupted into cheers before Usher turned and said "April Fools."

The Dreamville Festival comes to an end Sunday at Dix Park in Raleigh.

Nearly 100,000 people filled Dix Park Saturday and Sunday to see the hottest names in music perform. Vendors at the event and places like Raleigh's Morgan Street Food Hall saw a rise in customers.

Micheal blowe of Oak City Fish and Chips said they've been slammed with customers since Friday. he said their small but mighty team had to go with the flow.

"They prepared in big loads but once it was prepared, it's like, it doesn't even matter because it's gonna go so fast," Blower said.

Oak City fish has had to take extra steps to stock up on food also hosting a food truck at Dreamville. But the business welcomes the challenge.

"With them coming to the city it keeps the economy flowing. And you know, it brings a lot of people out. And you know, we ain't heard of no violence or nothing. So everything and everybody's happy," Blowe said.

Businesses on Glenwood South said they also got some love during the big event.

Madison Tucker at the Bigfoot Taphouse they saw a lot of fans from out of town.

"I even had some people from Canada here to see Drake, come all the way, just to see him perform which is awesome to see and bring business to the Raleigh area," Tucker said.

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