Thousands attend Dreamville Festival in Raleigh despite delay due to severe weather

Saturday, April 1, 2023
Thousands attend Dreamville Festival despite delay due to weather
Despite inclement weather, thousands of concert goers attended Dreamville festivities Saturday afternoon.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Dreamville Festival opened to concertgoers two hours later than originally planned due to a severe weather risk.

Despite the rain thousands of happy music fans filled Dorothea Dix Park Saturday afternoon.

The Boylan Heights neighborhood in Raleigh was a hotspot for concert goers looking for parking for the event. Many offering to pay residents to park at their homes.

"It just happened before you got here. Somebody offered to pay me. I said no," said resident Van Fletcher.

He said he is used to people trying to park in the area, and it is something that comes with living in the neighborhood.

"Anytime you live in a downtown venue, sort of goes with the territory having people pull up and need parking. We just roll with it," Fletcher said.

Marleigh Lewis and her friends from California were lucky enough to find parking in the area.

"We parked kind of out the way, in a neighborhood cut off in the back but we dropped a pin," She said. "We gon get there, it's not that far away....Wear comfortable shoes."

Festival goers engaged in festivities like picture opportunities, drinks and foods.

Many fans said they are most looking forward to seeing artist Usher, who is set to perform at around 9 p.m. tonight.

"Drake tomorrow but for today i want to see Sean Paul and Usher," said concert goer Charlita Kirkley. "Just anybody I'm happy to be out here."

"Jid of course, cause I missed Jid the last two times I was here, so this time I said I'm gonna make sure I see Jid," Kimani Ambrose said.

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