COVID-19 altering many summer internships for Triangle students

The uncertainty of how quickly things will reopen combined with travel concerns is altering summer internships.

Two Duke student-athletes are trying to sort out how they'll get the hands-on experience they need to choose a career.

Duke football player Mathew Cone had planned to spend the summer in New York City.


"I was given the opportunity after some interviews for a finance opportunity at Citi Bank."

The roller coaster of emotions began with the application process back in October. Given the current climate in the Big Apple, Cone doubts he'll end up going.

"I assume it will be virtual so I went from having a 10-week in-person internship starting June 1 to a five week internship starting July 6 that will most likely be virtual.

Fellow rising senior Nekeie Montgomery who plays lacrosse knows his fate. His internship at a division of Nike in Los Angeles has moved online.

"Now it's all remote. The entire internship is remote. Nike has a class of about 220, 230 interns for my grade and all of us got moved remote."

Seeing LA for the first time will have to wait. Montgomery is keeping it in perspective.

"It's going to be different. It's going to take some adjusting but I'm excited you know. I don't believe in like a barrier to knowledge. I won't get the experience of being in LA."

A virtual internship will make it harder for this class to standout. Typical networking is off the table for most.

"Meeting them for coffee and talking with them about what they do and showing that you're interested. Obviously that all takes place in person. Now that it's all virtual you have to find a way to connect with executives."

Getting your hands dirty is a big part of that process toward figuring out a career path. A lot of students will have to figure out a different way.
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