Elon Musk says block feature on X, formerly known as Twitter, will be going away

Sunday, August 20, 2023
Musk says block feature on X, formerly Twitter, will be going away
Elon Musk was replying to the account Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, and said users on X, formerly Twitter, soon will be unable to block others.

CHICAGO -- Users of X, formerly known as Twitter, will no longer be able to block other accounts.

That is according to Elon Musk, CNN reported.

On Friday, he posted that block is going to be deleted as a feature, except for direct messages.

He also posted that the block function "makes no sense."

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He was responding to a post from the account of Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, which asked "Is there ever a reason to block versus mute someone?"

Blocking prevents that user from interacting with an account, such as following them or seeing a post.

The mute feature keeps the individual user from seeing the undesired responses.

It is unclear when the block feature will be removed, but users fear that it will result in an increase of harassment on the social media platform.

As of Sunday morning, the feature still appeared to be working.

ABC7 Chicago contributed to this report.