Leaf peepin': When are fall colors headed our way?

Don Schwenneker Image
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
When will we see peak fall colors in North Carolina?
ABC11 meterologist Don Schwenneker tells us when we could see the most vibrant fall colors this year.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Now that it's finally feeling like fall around here everyone wants to know when they might start seeing the fall colors.

Well, a lot depends on the fall weather. Cool nights and warm days help to really bloom those colors. Those cool temps settle in at the highest elevations so that is where we will head first.

Peak color in western North Carolina.

From 5,000 feet and above, the colors will peak sometime around the middle of October. The colors will then start to creep down the mountains and into the foothills.

Peak color in the western piedmont.

The second half of October will see those colors working their way closer to the Triad. They really start to peak in that area as we wrap October and head into November

Peak color for the eastern piedmont and coastal plain regions.

Around our area, our trees peak the first to second week of November and then... we head into the season of the brown.

If you'd like to track the colors, not just around here, but across the country, I found a great site here.

Fall is my favorite season, and even though the colors won't last, I LOVE to see them around.