Stolen Fayetteville dog found in Maryland with help of microchip, flown home by nonprofit

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Stolen Fayetteville dog returned home after found in Maryland
After being stolen from his Fayetteville home, Nigel was found roaming a Maryland alley and flown home by a nonprofit

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A dog was stolen from his home in Fayetteville and later found in Maryland.

Thanks to some local nonprofits and a dedicated community, Nigel is back home.

Nigel was found roaming around in in an alley in Maryland on Sept. 1 by community rescuer Leah Biddinger.

Soon she learned Nigel was far from home - his microchip showed home was in Fayetteville

"They got him home to me and, as you see, he has not left my side," said Sheila Salazar, his owner.

Salazar says her dog Nigel was stolen from the neighborhood a few day earlier.

"Then it was kind of like, 'What do we do,'" said Leah

Amelia Air is an organization that saves animals from high kill shelters and flies them to rescues who can find them good homes.

"I know I would be devastated if one of my fur babies disappeared, so it was definitely a moving thing to help," said Jordan McCarthy Amelia Air pilot.

Two Virginia pilots volunteered to fly Nigel home and Sunday he made the trip, first class of course.

"It was good to see him go home, he was happy. He snuggled in my lap the whole flight," said McCarthy.

Nigel made the trip home back to his owner, where he is now happier than ever.

Sheila says this is the best ending she could have hoped for.

"To fight with me and help me get him home, I'm grateful like no words can even," said Sheila.

"Knowing the rescue community was able to come together and make this happen is overwhelming. I'm still in awe of what happened," said Leah.

For more information on Amelia Air, click here.