Fayetteville Mayor Colvin, a funeral home director, gets COVID-19 vaccine under Phase 1A

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- As the Mayor of Fayetteville and the Funeral Director of Colvin Funeral Home and Crematory, Mitch Colvin knows all too well about COVID-19.

"I've met with people that I know. I've seen people who have multiple family members pass away, and I see the impacts of it. And so, when it knocks on your door, it's very real," Colvin said.

Mayor Colvin, like many in the state, had to reshape the way he ran his long-standing family business along Murchison Road.

From the regular implementations like masks, social distancing and hand sanitizer to re-adjusting the way the community could mourn.

"Customs and traditions were big for funerals, particularly in the African American community. We had a lot of gatherings where we spent a lot of time together in the mourning of our deceased and that has all changed. Now, you're very limited to the amount of people you can have in one place," Colvin said.

On Friday, Mayor Colvin, along with some of his funeral staff, received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, as the Cumberland County Department of Public Health moves into Phase 1B, vaccinating residents over the age of 75.
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The ABC11 data team looked into how much of the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine on hand the largest counties in our viewing area have actually administered.

Colvin and some of his 19 staff-members fell under Phase 1A, where they are considered to work in a job field that poses a high risk of contracting the virus. "For about 25 years, family business, second generation. And so, we're on the front lines of this."

Colvin was eager to get vaccinated to set an example for his staff and other community members who may be a bit hesitant or worried.

"I wanted to make sure that we showed the public that this is important. That I have confidence in the vaccine, and that I wanted to encourage more people to take it," Colvin added.

Even after he receives the second dose, Colvin says he's not taking any chances and will keep wearing a mask and social distancing. "I have an elderly mother, and I want to make sure that I protect her."
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