Christ the King Lutheran Church of Cary sets out to feed those in need

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- The sound of hymns is comforting on Sunday mornings. The music's familiar to many who gather for worship in the church of their choice.

But on Sunday when congregations heard once again the story of feeding 5,000 with a few loaves and fishes, members of Cary's Christ the King Lutheran Church put their faith in motion.

They shortened their morning service a bit and traveled to a nearby grocery store to shop for people who need assistance.

"Publix was ready for us," said Daniel Pugh, the associate pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church. "We filled our carts, we bought our food and we loaded up with Dorcas so that the feeding of the 5,000 story might become a reality."

He mentioned Dorcas, the name of a ministry helping people in Cary with financial challenges.

"Anybody that's in the service industry is making, maybe, minimum wage," Cindy Wilkie told us. "It takes a lot to live here, to get an apartment here, commute into the area."

Dorcas Ministries Development Coordinator Rose Cornelius told us the church leaders and members went far beyond a typical donation by the faithful.

"They gave them $10 and told them to buy food for a food pantry. They also challenged the people to give more than the 10. So we're hoping to double the amount of money that each person gives in groceries,"

The response was overwhelming.

"We've always been asked to provide groceries to Dorcas, but were given lists. But we've never gone to do it en masse, so that's what's really exciting!" said Wilkie.

It' a major boost for Dorcas Ministries. Organizers say it feeds more than 3,000 families, at a cost of about $500,000.

"Most of the families are giving well beyond even the $20. They've giving 50, $100! And this will help supply needed food in our food pantry," Cornelius said, smiling.

The idea arrived with Karri Miller, who joined Christ the King after moving to Cary from Florida. She told us she stayed in touch with the people there on social media.

"So I had seen Facebook posts regarding the event there, how successful it was and how my friends there had really enjoyed the experience, between them and their families and the children involved," said Miller.

Some children, like Lawson Walker of Cary, happily shared his reason for participating.

"It makes me happy because I get to help others who don't have those kinds of things that you need," Walker said.
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