Tips for making the first day of school easier

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Here are some tips from on making the first day of school easier.

The first day of school can bring on feelings of excitement and anxiousness for students and parents alike. To help with the back to school jitters, here are some tips from

1. Stay positive

Give your student a positive outlook by reminding them of their accomplishments and go over what they enjoyed about school last year. Also, look forward to all the things that they will learn through the school year.

2. Encourage them

Let your student know that they're on your mind by giving them a special memento, like a pen or pencil, or write them an encouraging note and put it in their lunchbox.

3. Find friends

Find a friend that your student can go to school with, and encourage them to find new friends and interests while at school.

4. Show extra love

After their first day give them some special attention and affection. Ask about their day and see if there are any additional school supplies that they'll need for the rest of the school year.