This cereal-infused ice cream is giving people a taste of nostalgia!

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey -- Milk & Cream Cereal Bar, an ice cream shop specialized in cereal-infused ice cream, is bringing the taste of nostalgia to New Jersey.

"We just want to have a place where people can have fun, feel good, and have a nice vibe. We like to play on nostalgia and 90's cartoons," said Cory Ng, co-founder of Milk & Cream Cereal Bar.

The cereal bar, which saw its opening delayed as a result of the pandemic, opened in Jersey City on May 28th, following various protocols to ensure the safety of their employees and clients.

"We had planned to open for quite some time and weren't sure when it would be the right time to open, the pandemic hit and it hit us really hard. The Manhattan location was closed for two months and at this location, we waited because we wanted to open responsibly," said Tommy Leong, Co-founder of Milk & Cream Cereal Bar.

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Currently, customers can choose from 18 different types of cereal flavors, which are mixed on a vanilla ice cream base and topped with a wide range of ice cream toppings.

"We wanted to reinvent what it meant to visit a dessert shop and ice cream parlor," said Daniel Tabao, co-founder of Milk & Cream Cereal Bar.

At the moment, the ice cream parlor has partnered with Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, featuring desserts and an ice cream pizza in honor of the crime-fighting turtles.

"We're looking to expand in the future and we're looking towards a lot of different projects to touch on our brand of nostalgia," said Ng.


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