Complaints piling up on Glenwood South safety compliance during COVID-19 crisis

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- There are posters up along Glenwood South, in English and Spanish, and markers are dotting the sidewalks. The signage lets people know the importance of wearing a mask during the COVID-19 crisis and where to stand to safely social distance while waiting to get into a spot.

The City of Raleigh put the signage out three weeks ago and said there has been some improvement in compliance.

"We want to avoid what's happening in other states -- where you see California, Arizona, Florida, Texas -- we don't want to revert in our reopening strategy for the state, so any work we can do out here to help encourage people to wear a mask and help social distance, than that'll keep us moving forward," said Raleigh Special Events Manager Whitney Schoenfeld.

There are posters up along Glenwood South, in English and Spanish, and markers are doting the sidewalks

Young adults were packing on the streets and standing in line shoulder-to-shoulder without masks during the early days of Phase 2.

Schoenfeld said Glenwood South continues to be an area of concern, and there are a few restaurants that are more difficult to deal with than others when it comes to compliance.

Schoenfeld said of Southern Charred, "We're constantly asking staff to help have them spread out their crowds. It is difficult because as soon as you walk away, and as soon as those people do get to get inside the business -- then they're a new crowd out there and they have to be told all over again."

The Wake County Sheriff's Office told ABC11 that it has received 29 business complaints, but no citations or fines have been issued.

Raleigh Police are also fielding calls and also have not issued fines.
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