Couple turns tacky outfits into trending date idea

Monday, July 17, 2017
Couple turns tacky outfits into trending date idea
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Couple picks date night outfits from Goodwill and inspires social media trend.

FIGHTING PINE, Georgia -- Looking to spice up your married dating life? Try this tacky trend that's taking over social media!

One Georgia couple has #Goodwilldatenight trending once again.

Noel and Shane Pauley have been married for two and a half years. With a little baby at home, it's hard for them to get out for date night.

That's when Shane remembered something he'd seen about a couple getting outfits for date night at Goodwill and he knew they had to try it.

He was thinking of a Florida couple and their friends who initially started the hashtag in 2015.

Noel said their competitive nature took over and they even set up some strict rules.

Stick to the Budget

They each received $10 to purchase the other some spiffy new threads.

After trying on several contenders, they landed on their over the top looks for only $13 total.

Game Face

Once they were out of Goodwill, the Pauleys acted like nothing was different about their look.

They went to dinner and enjoyed their meal as if nothing was out of place. The couple said they did notice some odd looks and "side eyes" from other patrons.

Name Game

The outfits immediately inspired some names to go along with them, "Ethel" and "Roger." They stuck with the names throughout the night, which they said added to the hilarity.

The couple has enjoyed how their fun date night has inspired others to want to follow in their wacky footsteps. They've even noticed Facebook followers tagging "Ethels" and "Rogers" to get in on the fun.

The couple is encouraging others to try the fun and share their photos using the hashtag #Goodwilldatenight.