'He just shot at me:' Calls reveal panic during Cary Barnes & Noble shooting

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- There were moments of sheer panic as shoppers ran or hid after police say an 18-year-old walked into the Cary Barnes and Noble and opened fire with a pellet gun Friday night. Police are just releasing the more than a dozen calls shoppers made during the terrifying ordeal.

"Barnes & Noble off of Maynard Road this guy shot up. Please, send someone fast," said one caller as her voice trembled.

"Someone just ran in with an air shotgun and started shooting up the place," said another shopper.

Eyewitnesses said the man, later identified as 18-year-old Jonathan Courtney, was shooting not only as he went into the store, but also as he left and fled on foot.

In the 911 calls, you can hear police sirens in the background and operators trying to calm people.

"He just shot at me. I don't know if the gun is real or not," said one woman.

Shoppers were able to give authorities a description of the person accused of causing such terror.

One eyewitness said, "It was a white male, roughly about 6 feet tall" while others explained that the shooter had camouflage pants on and a black jacket.

Courtney was caught and arrested Friday night. He is facing eight felony charges.

Police say the teen came into the book store carrying an air rifle, an air pistol and a homemade bomb.

Five people were hurt. They are expected to be OK.

Barnes & Noble has increased security in the wake of this shooting. The company said a security guard will be stationed inside until further notice.
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