Create the cookie, milkshake of your dreams at Insomnia Cookies' 'CookieLab'

PHILADELPHIA -- Inside the newest Insomnia cookie store in South Philadelphia, you'll see what looks like a bookcase.

But it's actually a secret doorway that leads, sweet-easy style to a CookieLab. But you need to know the secret password, which can be found on their instagram account.

Seth Berkowitz founded Insomnia Cookies in 2003 as a junior at Penn. Their latest invention features craft milkshakes and cookies.

There's a cookie creation station with five cookie bases to choose from-the chunks, the doubles, sugars, snickerdoodle, Red Velvet-and then bins on bins of ingredients that can be baked in or drizzled and sprinkled on top.

There's also a milkshake bar. Milkshakes are customizable too and you can top your shake with your dream cookie.

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