'Titanic' director James Cameron responds to rumors he wants to make movie on Titan sub disaster

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Monday, July 17, 2023
James Cameron responds to rumors of Titan sub disaster film in works
Director James Cameron has responded to rumors that he's in talks of making a Titan Submersible disaster film.

Director James Cameron has responded to rumors that he's in talks to make a Titan submersible disaster film.

The tragic accident involving the company OceanGate killed five people as they traveled to the bottom of the ocean to view the wreckage of the fabled Titanic.

Cameron responded on Twitter, saying he'll never be in talks to make such a film and that he found the rumors "offensive."

"I don't respond to offensive rumors in the media usually, but I need to now. I'm NOT in talks about an OceanGate film, nor will I ever be," the director wrote.

Cameron's directed the 1997 classic "Titanic," and said he sees similarities with both disasters, as both vessels ignored warnings of unsafe conditions before they met their ends.

"I'm struck by the similarity of the Titanic disaster itself, where the captain was repeatedly warned about ice ahead of his ship and yet he steamed at full speed into an ice field," Cameron said last month.

OceanGate has suspended all exploration and commercial operations following the much-publicized tragedy, and an investigation is underway.