Jeb Bush visits Garner business to discuss tax plan

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Jeb Bush visits Garner
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Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush detailed his tax plans if elected during a visit to North Carolina Wednesday.

GARNER, N.C. (WTVD) -- In a span of five days, two presidential candidates will be visiting North Carolina.

Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush detailed his tax plans if elected during a visit to a company south of Raleigh.

The former Florida governor spoke at Morris & Associates in Garner, which makes industrial ice equipment and chilling systems for the poultry industry.

New information about the economic plan was published on the Wall Street Journal's website.

In the op-ed piece, Bush calls for a lower corporate tax rate and immediate tax deductions for business investments. He also calls for cutting personal income tax brackets.

Bush told the crowd at Morris & Associates his plan will fix a broken tax code, adding "for once the United States will be a low tax place to do business and create high wage jobs."

He spoke about expanding on that plan while in North Carolina, and how small businesses like Morris & Associates would benefit.

Bush also used the appearance to take swipes at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump saying,

"This political environment we're in now where the louder voices just turn up the volume; that's a sign of strength and leadership? It isn't. People know that."

North Carolina should be a big prize in the presidential nomination races, especially for Republicans. The state's primary is expected in mid-March and North Carolina will send one of the largest delegations to next year's GOP convention.

Later this week, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders will be in Greensboro. The senator from Vermont will speak Sunday evening at a rally at the Greensboro Coliseum.

The event is among Sanders' first appearances in North Carolina since he launched his run for president.

Sanders has been climbing in the polls recently as Hillary Clinton continues to face scrutiny over the way she sent emails while she was Secretary of State.

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