2 Fayetteville cousins reunite after 20 years, find out they both were on Fort Bragg at same time

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- After years of being estranged from each other, two Fort Bragg Vets and Cousins reunite after over a 20-year search.

Jeffery Harley and Elwin Williams never met when they were children. Before Elwin was born, his mother left home and the family split in two.

"I knew I had cousins that we wanted to connect with and I tried Instagram and we tried Facebook, We tried Instagram," said Harley.

After high school, both men joined the military and both were on Fort Bragg and in Iraq at the same time. They even attended Wounded Warrior events.

All those years, they never knew how close their paths crossed or that they only lived miles apart from each other.

"I just kept searching because I didn't have anyone on this side and I wanted to find my family," said Elwin Williams.

After Elwin posted a picture of his mother on Facebook, he started getting messages and phone calls from family he never knew about, Family that helped connect Jeffery and Elwin for a reunion decades in the making.

"We don't care what separated our aunts, our mothers...but we are going to take this time out and enjoy each for however long we have here on this earth."

Harley and Williams plan to keep their families reunited from now on.
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