Jeopardy! contestant goes for 13 wins in a row

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Meet Matt Jackson, the "Jeopardy!" contestant who is taking social media by storm.
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Who is Matt Jackson? If you don't know, then get ready to meet Jeopardy's most-talked about contestant.

Just four weeks in to Jeopardy's 32nd season and Washington D.C. native Matt Jackson has proved himself a winner on stage and in fans' hearts. The 23-year-old has amassed 12 victories so far, winning a whopping $390,411 in prize money and qualifying for the upcoming Tournament of Champions.

Jackson still has a long way to go to be number one in the money, that title goes to contestant Brad Rutter who amassed $4,270,102 in lifetime winnings.

What makes Jackson so endearing to fans isn't his mastery of all things trivia, but his upbeat, charismatic demeanor that makes him an audience favorite.

"Getting up there and being able to see 'wow, this is a theater, this is a show, lights up, go' was actually very exhilarating for me and I think that helped me make the most of it," Jackson said.

Jackson had a pretty rigid training routine to help him get to where he is today. The contestant studied Ken Jennings' Braniac and Bob Harris' Prisoner of Trebekistan, while limiting his social life to help prepare for the big match-up.

"Just the feeling of again 'wow, if I'm successful here there's such a big world out there, there's so many places I could go, there are so many things I could do,' and it was a good reminder that life goes on and there's a lot of places I could take it," Jackson said.

See if you can answer the last three Final Jeopardy! questions Jackson faced:

Category: Historical artifacts. Answer: Its restitchings over the centuries helped perpetuate the story of King Harold II being struck in the eye with an arrow. (We've tweeted out the answer here.)

Category: Video games. Answer: As part of its 30th anniversary celebration in 2014, this video game used the slogan "We all fit together." (We've tweeted out the answer here.)

Category: The European Union. Answer: Since Bulgaria joined in 2007, the E.U.'s three official alphabets have been our Latin one and these two. (We've tweeted out the answer here.)

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