Viral 'diner with disability' needs help after surgery

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- The picture of a server in Raleigh helping feed Lee Bondurant went viral last summer. After his photo spread across the country, Lee underwent surgery to treat his cerebral palsy.

A diner with cerebral palsy is touched by his server's act of kindness.

In Oct. 2016, Lee had brain stimulation surgery. It helped improve his mobility, but he hasn't been able to work for weeks.

His family and friends have started a fundraiser to help Lee until he's strong enough to work and support himself again.


Lee prides himself on living and working totally independently. He's bagged groceries at Kroger for 24 years.

"Lee touches people's lives in so many ways, even sometimes he doesn't know it," said Lee's mom, Linda Bondurant Snow.

He refuses to see any barriers in life, given his condition, and it's why the Golden Knights at Fort Bragg took him skydiving.

WATCH: Lee Bondurant's jump with the Golden Knights

Now, though, Lee needs help as he gets his fourth readjustment of his deep brain simulator.

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It's something he and his doctor at Duke Hospital hope will help him relax his muscles and improve his everyday life. It will ultimately keep him out of work, so his friends are trying to raise funds to cover his temporary leave.

While Lee said he appreciates any generosity, more than anything he hopes to inspire others facing a similar situation.

"Whatever you got in life, don't quit," Lee told ABC11.

If you want to help Lee, click here.
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