'We're not going to stop': Family presses for justice weeks after brother killed at Raleigh bus stop

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Saturday, April 9, 2022
Family presses for justice after brother killed at Raleigh bus stop
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More than six weeks after a man was found beaten and left to die at a Raleigh bus stop, the family continues to grieve but is determined to get answers on who killed their brother.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Raleigh EMS found Nathaniel Price lying on the ground beside a bus stop on New Bern Ave near Trawick Road during the early hours of Feb. 24.

"We were driving on the strip of New Bern, and there's a man laid out on the floor. He has blood coming out of his head and he's just laying there. I don't know if he's dead," a driver is heard telling a 911 operator in the phone call released by the Raleigh Police Department on Friday.

Nathaniel Price's younger brother Jerry Price said Nathaniel Price was unconscious and suffered brain damage. Jerry Price said his brother was repeatedly beaten in the head with an object.

"He was swollen, his eye, he lost one of his eyes, and they did the surgery," Jerry Price said. "... really bad shape."

Weeks later, his family had to make the tough decision to remove him from life support.

"It was heartbreaking," Jerry Price remembered.

Now more than six weeks after the incident, Price's family continues to grieve but is still left without answers on who killed their brother.

"I can't get it out of my mind. Every time I come by here and see this bus stop, I have to look over here because I know he got killed right here," said David Price, Nathaniel's other brother.

Jerry Price and other family members made fliers, sharing Nathaniel's story and urged anyone with information to come forward. They said they've placed hundreds of them all across Raleigh.

"Everybody knows him, and the first thing they said out of their mouth is 'He don't bother nobody' so with that being said, the whole community is hurting," Jerry Price said of the reaction he's received from people.

This week, the Raleigh Police Department issued a similar request to the public.

"It's going to take a load off my family and me and my heart," David Price said describing the feeling of when an arrest is made.

Jerry and David Price said they will continue to fight for justice for Nathaniel until a person is convicted.

"I ain't ever going to stop. I ain't ever forget," David Price said.

Similarly, Jerry Price said, 'The bottom line is we're not going to stop. We're not gonna stop."

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Raleigh CrimeStoppers at (919) 834-HELP or visit www.raleighcrimestoppers.org for text and email reporting options.

Officers said even information that seems insignificant could help bring justice.