New Meredith College poll examines NC voter attitudes

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- The 2018 mid-term elections are 10 months away, and North Carolina voters remain divided on whether they approve of the direction the state is headed.

A new poll released Wednesday by Meredith College said that nearly half or 47.7 percent of those questioned say they're satisfied with how things are going in North Carolina. The other 40.6 percent of voters were dissatisfied by the direction of the state.

One thing voters agreed upon was that they're most satisfied with the economy in North Carolina. When asked "What makes you satisfied with the way things are going in North Carolina?" almost every demographic picked the economy as its top choice.

Democrats also cited Gov. Roy Cooper and education as reasons they're satisfied with way things are going in the state, while Republicans cited lower taxes and the numbers of Republicans in the General Assembly as positives for the state. Unaffiliated voters said lower taxes and lower crime are reasons they are satisfied with the direction of the North Carolina.

The poll showed that when it comes to voter satisfaction in North Carolina that there is a big divide.

For Democrats and unaffiliated voters, partisanship is their top dissatisfaction, and for Republicans, it's Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper. Democrats said they're also dissatisfied with Republicans in the General Assembly and gerrymandering. Republicans were also dissatisfied with the economy and taxes, and unaffiliated voters are dissatisfied with the economy and gerrymandering.

The Meredith College Poll was conducted January 21-25, 2018 and consisted of registered North Carolina voters. Of those questioned, 223 were live caller respondents and 395 email respondents. The results have a margin error of four percent.
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