'This can't be real': Man caught on video scaling upright Miami bridge

The bridge appeared to be almost vertical during stunt

ByJeanne Moos, CNN
Monday, April 3, 2023
Man caught on video scaling upright Miami bridge
A mystery man scaled a Miami, FL bridge, which was in the upright position last week, drawing gasps from eyewitnesses.

MIAMI -- A mystery man scaled a Miami drawbridge last week, drawing gasps from eyewitnesses.

He also drew the attention of a nearby resident, who caught it all on video, CNN reported.

In the video, the man can be seen clinging to the metal grid as ships and boats passed by Miami's Brickell Bridge in the upright position.

Derrick Newball shot video from his rooftop as the climber reached the top.

"And I'm like 'this can't be real; it's insane!'" Newball said.

As he inched his way back down, some viewers reacted, saying "I am having a panic attack watching this!" and "my palms are literally sweating!!!"

"There was a boat going by; they started clapping," Newball said.

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Police warned the hot Miami sun makes stunts like this even more dangerous by heating up the steel and concrete surface.

When he was halfway down, the bridge began to come down, and his arm went up in a fist pump.

And when he started waving, it was as if he were conducting the horn section.

When the bridge was level enough, the climber stood upright and ran.

By the time police arrived, he was gone.

At the exact moment Newball stopped recording, the climber briefly got down on the ground.

"He did like a pushup and just vanished," Newball said.