Microsoft sees improvement in services following outage

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Microsoft down: Users unable to access services
Can't access certain Microsoft services? This is why and what the tech company said it is doing.

Microsoft said it is starting to see improvements after multiple services went down during an outage.

On Monday afternoon, the tech company said it was dealing with issues, which sparked problems for users trying to access their accounts.

At the time, Microsoft said users were not able to access Microsoft 365 services such as, Microsoft Teams including Teams Live Event and

Additionally, Microsoft added that Power Platform and Dynamics 365 properties are affected by this incident.

On its site, the company stated, "Existing customer sessions are not impacted and any user who is logged in to an existing session would be able to continue their sessions."

By evening, the company shared on its Twitter it was seeing "significant improvement for affected services and most users should be experiencing relief."

For more details on the latest Microsoft 365 Status health update, visit Microsoft's website.