Mental Wellness with MindPath: Mental Health for New or Expecting Parents

Grounded in extensive experience working in women's mental health, Dr. Caleb Whitenack discusses common struggles for new or expecting parents and how to cope.

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Provider Bio

About Caleb Alan Whitenack, MD

Dr. Whitenack wants to be a voice of hope for those who feel hopeless. Originally on track to become a pediatrician, he fell in love with psychiatry once he realized that it allowed him the opportunity to treat the whole person and make a life-changing difference for people. When working with patients he uses a psychodynamic approach, drawing on aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and supportive and motivational therapy in his treatment. If medication is needed, Caleb provides multiple options and gives the pros and cons of each so that the patient is able to decide what is the best option for them. He and his patients work as a team with the same goals of recovery, stability, and contentment. Dr. Whitenack strives to provide excellent, companionate, non-judgmental care with humility and integrity. He also has extensive experience working in women's mental health and has found that treating women for disturbances during perimenstrual, peripartum, postpartum, breastfeeding and perimenopausal times have been some of the most rewarding parts of his work. Through his experience, Dr. Whitenack sees repeatedly how support and treatment hugely impacts these women's lives and the lives of their children and family. It makes him happy to be able to provide care for women during these life events. When not working as a mindcare provider, Caleb, originally from Denver, CO, enjoys the mountains, snowboarding, good food, homebrewing beer and traveling with his family.

Education & Certifications
- Doctor of Medicine from the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, TX
- Bachelor of Science in Biology from Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, TX