INFLUENCER: Exploring Morgan Street Food Hall

The power of influence has gone a long way for decades. Word of mouth is the epitome of advertising. Step into today's digital space and say hello to the influencer. They have the means of being that go to person across all social media platforms.

Did I mention that I'm an influencer? Underneath that umbrella, I am a writer. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending an Influencer Brunch at Morgan Street Food Hall in downtown Raleigh. If you are a local and live near Raleigh, it's worth the drive there.

It was great to connect with other creatives like myself to taste some of the delectable dishes. The Shrimp and Grits by Iyla's Southern Kitchen made me fall in love immediately. It was my first time ever having it.

Since I love seafood, I tried the Maine Lobster Roll from Cousins Maine Lobster. It took falling in love to another level. I have never been to a Maine, but I am sure that is what it tastes like on the coast. The Lobster Bisque was another favorite. If you have ever had lobster bisque, you've either had a great one or a not so great one. Let me just say that Cousins Maine Lobster did not get it wrong.

Curry in a Hurry made a mouth-watering Butter Chicken that fell apart in your mouth. Alaksha Surti, owner and chef, told us that she had recently been featured on Food Truck Nation on the Cooking Channel. She brought her dishes to our table with a genuine love for her craft.

The hospitality alone from all the vendors made the experience that much better. Neomega presented a light salad drizzled with her Avocado Oil salad dressing. It comes in a variety of flavors, and it complemented the salad nicely. A wonderful alternative to your regular salad dressing without the high calories.

Wicked Taco provided chips and salsa with their fountain drinks too. It warms my heart to support a local business. Local can mean in your city or in one nearby. That is what I love about visiting a bigger city like Raleigh. It was easy to get to coming from out of town. Parking is accessible by either street parking or a nearby parking lot. It gave me the chance to explore downtown Raleigh further.

I did not get the chance to taste everything...only because I started getting full. That makes me want to go back and try some other dishes. Consider taking a day trip to Raleigh and walking to a place like Morgan Street Food Hall.

Lucy Brummett is an ABC11 contributor. Check out her website,
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