Yes, the tax deadline was extended but paying North Carolina taxes after April 15 may cost you more

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Your taxes aren't due until July 15 this year, but paying them after the normal deadline of April 15 could cost you more money.

The interruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic caused state and federal leaders to push back the annual tax deadline by three months.

But in North Carolina, while you won't pay a penalty for paying after April 15, you will have to pay interest on anything you owe.

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State regulators agreed that late fees should not be charged to anyone in the state who is unable to get their taxes filed by April 15. But state regulators cannot change state law--only the General Assembly can do that.

Since the General Assembly is not in session, there's been no change to the state law that mandates it charge interest on tax payments owed to the state after April 15.

According to the North Carolina Department of Revenue the current interest rate is set at 5 percent--the lowest allowed by state law.

So while you don't have to file or pay your state taxes until July 15, if you think you are going to owe the state money, it may be in your best interest to still file and pay before April 15.

NOTE: Video in this article is from a Troubleshooter report from March 2020 about how to avoid being overcharged on your taxes.
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