Fayetteville disabled veteran gives away his home

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FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- Larry Throneburg has always tried to help other people.

"I started doing that, paying it forward, doing something nice for someone and telling them to pass it on, and I started doing it way back," said Throneburg. "For a long while, I would get a 5-year-old car, drive it for five years, and give it away."

Now, the veteran Special Forces sergeant first class is giving away the mobile home he has lived in for 20 year. He is donating it to another disabled veteran.

"He has a lot of problems. He served in the 'sand pit', has PTSD, but he is going to be a survivor," said Throneburg.

Throneburg was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam. He later suffered a heart attack, several strokes, and other medical complications.

Throneburg told ABC11 he decided to move after his service dog "Thunder" died last month. He is going to Florida to be closer to family and friends.

He has put a lot of money and heart into remodeling his two-bedroom single-wide trailer. The kitchen he explained is designed for someone with disabilities.

He has already moved a lot of his belongings. He told us a group called "Military Missions in Action" will move the mobile home and attached porch and deck to another location, free of charge.

Throneburg calls his home giveaway a going away gift from one disabled veteran to another.

"That's what it's all about: helping people," he said.

Throneburg meets the other disabled veteran a week from Saturday. He hopes to have the deal signed and sealed shortly after that. Besides a free home, Throneburg is also throwing in kitchen appliances and living room furniture.

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