No Internet for frustrated new home owners

HOLLY SPRINGS, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Imagine moving into your newly constructed home, only to learn you can't get Internet or have a home phone. That's exactly what happened to Michelle Witkowski when she and her family moved into their new home in the Avocet subdivision in Holly Springs.

Lisa Baldi and her family got the same surprise when they moved into their new construction home. The Avocet subdivision is not new, in fact Michelle and Lisa both bought in phase 2 of the subdivision.

Shortly after moving in, both families got their utilities set up. When it came time for Time Warner Cable to install their internet and home phone they were told, "Our address is not serviceable."

Since Time Warner Cable services their neighborhood, both women reached out to Time Warner Cable and their builder. When they did, they couldn't seem to figure out who was at fault.

"The builder says Time Warner doesn't contact them and TW keeps blaming the builder," Michelle explained.

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Both women say their builder sold their homes as smart homes and they were excited to use that feature, which means your lighting, heating, and security can all be controlled by a cell phone or computer. Without Wi-Fi, they couldn't use their smart home features.

Meanwhile, weeks go by and both families are still without Internet. For Michelle, no Wi-Fi made working tough.

"I work from home a few days and I have to work off a hotspot. I spend 16 hours doing what I could get done in eight if I had Wi-Fi," she said.

Lisa's two teenagers rely heavily on Wi-Fi.

"All of my daughter's homework, I mean she's need access to a computer just to do her homework, so we've been taking her to Dunkin' Donuts, places where we can access Wi-Fi," she said.

Both women say their families burned through their phone data plan within days.

With no updates, the level of frustration continued to grow.

"I call TWC, no status update, no status update, we are being told the same thing. Never in a million years did I feel I would have to fight for internet, never in a million years," she added.

I reached out to their builder, Bill Clark Homes, who welcomed my involvement as a rep said they've tried to work with Time Warner Cable but have not been successful. After contacting Time Warner Cable, they took responsibility saying: "We look forward to extending our services to Phase 2 of the Avocet subdivision and appreciate the homeowners' patience as we work to make our services available."

Within days, Time Warner Cable crews were in the neighborhood installing the lines.

Michelle and Lisa's family now have Wi-Fi, plus it also means future homeowners in phase 2 of the Avocet subdivision will also have access to Internet and phone service in their homes. With access to Wi-Fi, both families can finally enjoy their new homes. Michelle and Lisa are both relieved to have Internet back in their homes.

"We're very happy," Michelle said.

"If it wasn't for you, we would not have our life back, so we really want to say thank you so much," Lisa said.

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