3-time cancer survivor, Wake County man says colonoscopy saved his life

I spent the month of November skipping my shaving time every morning.

My no shave November was an effort to get men around our area to get their yearly checkup. Cancer found early is a lot easier to treat than cancer found in the later stages.

Even though November is over, and I'm clean-shaven, the fight never stops. The final guy I want to introduce you to today is Bob Schechner.

He's a three-time cancer survivor, and he's alive today because he got checked early. He was healthy his whole life, jogging daily, and had absolutely no symptoms. But, during his annual checkup, a doctor reminded him he was way past due for a colonoscopy. And it saved his life.

Bob said "Here I am 19 years out and the truth is if I hadn't gone for that testing, the doctor told me by the time you started showing symptoms, you'd have been in deep trouble. And I believe that! That came from the surgeon who did the bowel resection. It ruined my belly dancing career, I tell ya!"

Bob Schecner, ex-belly dancer, cancer survivor. And he's an amazing example of why you need to go in for your yearly checkups and screenings.

There are lots of guidelines to help detect cancer early. You can find them here. And for all kinds of information you can always visit the American Cancer Society.

Remember, go to the doctor, get screened, and get ahead of the game.
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