Mostly Sunny, Heating Up

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Great start today and a warmer afternoon...near 90 but not too humid
Tomorrow looks hot...mid 90s and a touch more humid

Tropical feel for Sunday and some showers could arrive by late day, more likely evening for most. Rain around Monday morning, breezy and humid, then a chance for storms later Tuesday as a front arrives from the northwest.

TROPICS: Possible tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico today...whether the low pressure get a name or not, the effects will be the same. Heavy rain along the Gulf Coast states, and that moisture will head to the northeast into the Carolinas. Still discrepancies if we will get rain heavy rain...models have been trending farther south. For now expect tropical showers Sunday late into midday Monday. Too early to speculate on amounts, but given the speed of the low, amounts shouldn't be too bad.
Enjoy the sunshine!

Steve Stewart
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