Hot & Sticky Weekend

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A cold front will push toward us over the weekend, but will be held up as it will need to break down the upper ridge over the area before storms can move in. Right now we expect another hot and humid day tomorrow, and we will mention the possibility of afternoon storms in the area as moisture gets pulled our way by southwesterly flow aloft out of an area of disturbed weather over the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The main focus for these storms appears to be back toward the mountains, but some modeling shows the storms trying to spread eastward late in the day/evening so that will be something to watch.

Record-challenging heat is expected again tomorrow afternoon. The front is slow enough that Sunday will be another very hot day, though we have to watch for the possibility of storms later in the day as the front is pushing south and east toward the Appalachians. This could allow storms to arrive from the northwest; western areas have the highest chance for rainfall. Another wild card is where the upper-level energy causing the unsettled weather over the eastern Gulf today will track. Most modeling shows it weakening coming northward, but the European is a little stronger; this allows something to be in the area tomorrow night into Sunday, with the highest threat on Sunday over areas to our east.

Modeling then brings the front into the area for Monday, which now looks to have the best chance for widespread wet weather. With more clouds and more rainfall, temperatures should begin to back off and are likely in the low to mid 80s. We nudged up continuity a couple of degrees, but the arrival of clouds and storms will determine how high the temperature rises that day. The later the storms, the higher the temperature.

Things still look muddled beyond that.

Have a great weekend and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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