Wake County organization clothing homeless, under-resourced children

WAKE COUNTY (WTVD) -- The Wake County organization "Note in the Pocket" is all about providing clothes to children from homeless and low-income families and letting those kids know they're loved.

The Raleigh-based organization sorts clothing donations from the community and donates 'two-weeks' worth of stain-free, tear-free, mix and match outfits to school children in need.

They also add a note to every bundle of clothes for the kids that reads "you are loved."

"People don't realize that there are over 52,000 students in the Wake County School System living below the poverty line," said Dallas Bonavita, "Note In The Pocket" executive director.

Donate money, volunteer hours, or clothes to "Note In The Pocket" here.

The Salvation Army's "Project CATCH" is one of the organizations that refers families to "Note in The Pocket."

CATCH stands for "Community Action Targeting Children who are Homeless." Coordinator Jennifer Tisdale estimates there are around 5,000 homeless children living in Wake County.

"You don't see them because they're not on the street, but they are in cars sometimes," Tisdale said. "They are in parks sometimes. They are shuffling around from hotel, to family, to shelter and hotel, just trying to get a break."

Read more about Project CATCH here.

Deanna Nelson and her three children are just a few who have benefited from "Note In The Pocket" after being referred by Project CATCH.

"The first time they actually received clothes from 'Note In The Pocket,' we were actually just recovering from a domestic violence situation," Nelson said. "And it really helped with just sustaining until we get to a point where, you know, I can just provide for them myself."

It's families like Deanna's that Bonavita says "Note in The Pocket serves" all the time.

"They're not people that just don't feel like working," Bonavita said. "These are people that are struggling to make ends meet. That they have children that they want to provide for, that they love - like we love all of our kids - and when we're able to provide good quality clothes to them, it makes all the difference in the world. That's what a good community is supposed to do."

"Note In The Pocket" is celebrating the opening of a new, larger volunteer center Saturday, Oct. 10 with a ribbon cutting ceremony and fundraiser.

Here's the information for the event:

Address: 5100 Lacy Avenue Raleigh, NC 27609 (near Atlantic and Millbrook)
Time: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Activities: Kids arts & crafts, a DJ, skeeball, and free PDQ and Oak City Barista Coffee

Here is what donations to "Note in the Pocket" buy:
$361.50 - year's worth of clothes to a child in need (includes a winter coat, hat and gloves)
$165.50 - warm weather clothing and shoes to a child in need
$33.75 - five tops to a child in need
$14.00 - pair of shoes to a child in need

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