PHOTOS: A look inside the Oakland Ghost Ship collective warehouse

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Monday, December 5, 2016

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Here's a look inside the Ghost Ship art collective warehouse in Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood before the devastating fire that claimed at least 33 lives.

In the close-knit artist community of Oakland, many spaces like the Ghost Ship exist, housing creatives who love to share their work.

It was a place musicians say they knew had fire risks, but they liked performing there because the warehouse offered them the artistic freedom they were looking for.

ABC7 News spoke to people who have been inside who said there was always a lot of clutter, debris, a lot of art work and sculptures.

People have been bringing flowers to Ghost Ship in memory of the victims. Most have been strangers who stopped by to express their sorrow.

These photos were taken from the art collective's website as part of the venue's marketing online.