Pet of the Week: May 25, 2022, Paloma

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Meet Paloma, our ABC11 Pet of the Week!

Female, Retriever/Labrador, 34 pounds, 1 year 7 months

The name sounds like a fancy lady from Italy, but Paloma remains pretty down to Earth, fun, playful and busy! Paloma is a retriever lab mix who is young and mighty fun and energetic, making the little nub tail she sports the icing on a gorgeous and fun cake.

Paloma is an active and smart girl who will do very well with an active family. She does well with other dogs but really thrives when around those who run and romp like she does. Paloma has learned lots about crate training and patience and is doing great in both arenas.

You don't need to serve ravioli every night, she is fine with kibble served with love. Paloma cannot wait to find her peeps and move on out to her furever home where fun, games and love abound!

Visit SavingGraceNC.org for adoption information.

This ABC11 Pet of the Week is sponsored by Sally Said So Professional Dog Training, who is offering a free training session for those who adopt from Saving Grace based on this feature.