This picnic experience in North Carolina is like no other

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Monday, November 15, 2021
This picnic experience in North Carolina is like no other
This is the only picnic experience in the world where you can watch planes take off, all while seated next to antique World War II aircraft.

Sanford, NC -- Located in between the Triangle and the Sandhills you'll find a foodie experience like no other. This is the only place in the world where you can have a picnic next to an active runway and antique World War II aircraft.

This outdoor dining adventure is the brainchild of Marcie Trivette, who works with several other local entrepreneurs to bring a variety of luxury picnic parties to life.

From classic picnics, tea parties, to themed outings and wedding proposals, Trivette has made the effort to create lasting memories with her small business Sweet T Picnics. "We always like to say our tea is sweet, but the memories you make are even sweeter," said Trivette.

And though the traditional picnics are popular, her piece de resistance remains her distinguishing Plane ol' Picnic. Held at the Raleigh Executive Jetport in conjunction with Elite Aircraft Services, her customers are invited to spend the sunset watching planes take off and land.

All while seated next to an ever-changing list of operational World War II aircraft, the locale is more tranquil than one might presume. As Trivette notes, "it's very quiet, because the planes that take off and land here are much smaller."

She goes the extra length to ensure that each excursion is decked out with extravagant decor, soft plush blankets, games, music, and more. Including custom floral designs from local florist Preston Flowers, she works with several food vendors to ensure that each experience is personalized.

Whether it's sandwiches from Lucettegrace or scratch-made biscuits and charcuterie boards from Raleigh Biscuit Company, Trivette believes it's essential for her banquets to be representative of her community: "it's really important to support these local companies because that money is going right back into the community."

Her notion of supporting all-things-local extends to her own business, itself a post-2020 creation. As she explains, "I think the year 2020 taught us a lot...I always thought the most important thing was working a career...making as much money as possible to support myself, but what's most important is spending time with the ones you love. What better way to do than sitting outside and enjoying a picnic together"

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