Plant and People aims to heal Philadelphia neighborhoods using the power of plants

PHILADELPHIA -- A mother-daughter duo in West Philadelphia is working to heal the trauma in their community from the ground up.

Cherron Perry-Thomas and her daughter, Amma, start at the literal roots at their therapeutic little oasis called Plant and People, a passion project that sprouted out of this stressful year.

They come from a family of medicinal plant-healers.

After a year of racial unrest in the wake of George Floyd's death combined with a crippling pandemic, they wanted to create a retreat: a place to heal in their hometown.

Amma came home from school in New York during the pandemic and decided to grow this business here at home.

They carry houseplants but also supplements, herbs and nutritional products.

Their goal is to open a Plant and People in every community because they believe everyone should have a chance to heal and find wellness right where they live.

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