North Carolina lawmakers seek to allow alcohol sales at college sporting events

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- At least two North Carolina lawmakers want to allow public universities to sell beer and wine at athletic events.

NC House Majority Leader John Bell and NC Senate Majority Whip Rick Gunn announced on Twitter that they will file a bill next week that would change the rules for sporting events at schools like University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University.

The Atlantic Coast Conference does not ban alcohol sales during games. In fact, alcohol has been sold at ACC Tournament games for basketball and ACC Championship Game for football.

Most schools at least allow the sell alcohol at games in restricted areas--typically for VIPs or more exclusive tickets.

But some even sell alcohol throughout the entire venue: Lousiville, Wake Forest, Syracuse to name a few.

Bell and Gunn said they support allowing public universities to sell alcohol for the financial benefits. They also said security personnel told them it would be a positive step for safety.
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