Fort Liberty battalion removes old grenade found in backyard at Cary home

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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Old grenade found in Cary backyard
A homeowner found the military ordnance when their excavator hit it while working on a landscaping project.

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Authorities successfully removed an old military ordnance that was found at a Cary home, Cary Police said Wednesday.

Cary Police Department alerted the community around 2 p.m. By 5 p.m. an ordnance battalion from Fort Liberty had arrived at the home and removed the object.

Investigators later confirmed that the object was an old grenade.

After removing the grenade, investigators scanned the backyard and found some rounds of ammunition but no other explosives.

The homeowner initially found the ordnance while landscaping their backyard. The excavator being used in the project hit something metal; so the homeowner immediately stopped and called authorities.

The origin of the ordnance is under investigation. Police said they believed it was that of the previous homeowner, a retired military veteran who has since died.

"We would like to remind all residents to exercise caution if they come across any suspicious objects or devices," Cary Police said in a release. "It is important to immediately report such findings to local authorities and not attempt to handle or move them on their own."