Gov. Pat McCrory defends immigration bill

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Thursday, October 29, 2015
NC Gov. Pat McCrory sat down with ABC11's Jon Camp Thursday
NC Gov. Pat McCrory sat down with ABC11's Jon Camp Thursday
ABC11 Reporter Jon Camp

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Governor Pat McCrory is defending his signature on a bill targeting undocumented immigrants.

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It brought serious blow-back from advocates Wednesday, and has prompted rallies outside of the Governor's Mansion.

McCrory sat down with ABC11's Jon Camp before Thursday's planned rally and said he definitely doesn't see HB318 as a discriminatory bill, as many critics do, and basically said the bill will make people safer.

Gov. Pat McCrory sits down with ABC11's Jon Camp

He reiterated that law enforcement should enforce all the laws, including immigration laws - some cities and towns are friendlier to undocumented immigrants than others, adopting so-called "sanctuary" policies.

The new law says that has to stop, and directs local law enforcement to work with federal immigration officials.

It's not hard to understand why many see the bill as unfriendly to undocumented immigrants, their families and communities, but the governor said it's about more than that.

"My goal is to try to prevent a crime, not to react to crimes after they occur," McCrory said. "Once you react to the crime you waited too long. My goal is to prevent those crimes from occurring and that's exactly what my role is as governor, is prevent the crime not to react to the crime and that's what are the reasons I should probably sign this bill."

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