Raleigh business victim of check fraud scam

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Raleigh business victim of check fraud scam
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Raleigh business victim of check fraud scam

How often do you look to see what money is coming out of your bank accounts? If it's not frequently, here is an example of why you should start looking daily.

Tana Malerba with Coat's Auto Body and Paint noticed four different transactions coming out of the company's checking account that didn't seem right. She called her bank right away.

"They told me someone got a hold of your account, these are fraudulent. They took my routing number, and my account number and they printed out their own checks, and they were using those checks."

Malerba said the thief took those checks and went on a shopping spree.

"We write so many checks every month, I wouldn't have known until I physically looked at each check. We are very lucky we caught it, and it's minimal damage. It's just the inconvenience of trying to get everything straightened out; you have to be aware."

Being aware is the only way to catch it as experts say you must check your account balance daily and report any suspicious activity right away.

You can even get alerts when money is withdrawn from your account.

"Everyday I'm checking now, I'm not waiting for my statement to come in."