Raleigh tailor sees uptick in business as COVID restrictions lift

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- With more of us returning to formal events like weddings, tailors are seeing a boost to their bottom line.

Some say there is no way to measure true love

But local tailor Brian Burnett said they truly love how much business they've been seeing lately.

"We want to make sure when we run the tape that we are running it across the body from an anatomical so I measure bone to bone," said Burnett.

Brian Burnett makes it 'seam' easy.

"When you come in it's about having a personalized approach. When you going to your wedding tailor, you want to make sure they have the time and detail," he said.

Helping people look their best is his passion at his tailor shop in Raleigh

"Horn buttons and a ring pocket you know I'm gonna show you, when the guys get married it's the ring pocket," he said while showing off one of his suits.

He said business was bleak during COVID.

"The industry was almost non existent because at this point people were quarantining they didn't have to be anywhere they didn't attend any events," he said.

Fast forward to today where COVID restrictions are down and business is back up

"These are the 'J' months. June and July are typically when people travel and so it would be slow but we are actually up about 35 percent over where we would be because morning are people not traveling as much but now people are planning for weddings that were supposed to happen a year ago," he said.

He said if there was any, this is the silver lining to making it through a pandemic

"Three tailor shops around us actually shuttered, they actually closed their doors so we've been able to pick up an additional 20 percent market share just within a 5 mile radius," he said.

Brian said they are now accepting bridal clients for 2022.

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